Density Calculator

density calculator

At Crawford Freight, we want our customers to have the most hassle-free and affordable shipping/trucking services they deserve. Part of achieving that goal is to make sure that they understand how rates are calculated and what factors may contribute to the total price of their shipment fees.

A shipment’s density may be one of the factors that determine the freight rate. Depending on the freight class, shippers may need to calculate a shipment’s density so they can properly describe their goods on the bill of lading (BOL).

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To determine the density, take the total weight of the shipment divided by the total cubic feet. Use the calculator below to determine your freight density so that you can identify the freight class.

Density Classification Guide
Sub 1Less than 1 pcfCL 400
Sub 21 but less than 2 pcfCL 300
Sub 32 but less than 4 pcfCL 250
Sub 44 but less than 6 pcfCL 150
Sub 56 but less than 8 pcfCL 125
Sub 68 but less than 10 pcfCL 100
Sub 710 but less than 12 pcfCL 92.5
Sub 812 but less than 15 pcfCL 85
Sub 915 pcf or greater CL 70

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